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As a general rule, orders will be carried out within the next 3 business days after making the order and the payment has been confirmed, through DHL or FEDEX with the order number. No matter which shipping method you choose, always keep in mind that you will have the possibility to track the order at any time with the link that we will provide.

Shipping costs include the cost of handling the garments, packaging and shipping as such. It is important to know that the costs for handling the order are fixed, while the shipping varies according to the weight of the package.

We recommend that you place a large order instead of several small ones, since we can not mix orders that have been made separately, which means that the costs are also applied separately.

We are not responsible for the damages that the package may suffer during the shipment, but worry we will put all our effort to protect your delicate items.

The shipping costs are distributed as follows:

- We have free international shipping for any amount.
- In PERU we also make free shipping for purchases greater than S /. 500
- If your national order does not reach the previous amount, you should only cancel a value of S /. 20 for a maximum of 2 kg. If the shipment has a greater weight, the cost should be quoted.

Touch D 'Sol is not responsible for the customs costs and additional taxes that may be generated when the product is sent to each country of destination, given that each country has different regulations and policies. We appreciate your understanding and we guarantee to put all our effort so that you always receive your product without setbacks and in perfect conditions.